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AGENT                                              Luke Knee

LABEL                                           Recess Records

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Meat Market

With a name like Meat Market, you’d expect this Oakland-based band to sound like the soundtrack to Saturday night in some douchey velvet-roped nightclub. You’d expect big thumping booty-bass and lascivious lyrics. You’d expect a fan-base of popped collars and bared midriffs. While the quartet does wield the power to pack in throngs of sweaty young people looking to dance, their sound bears little resemblance to the incessant thud of your standard club-banger. Instead, these four college-aged kids bust out a blend of surf guitar twang with garage-crafted power pop—think The Ventures meets The Marked Men.

The band has already amassed a solid following in California and along the route to SXSW with just a self-titled cassette/LP to their name. Meat Market now offers up two new songs via Suicide Squeeze. “Too Tired” perfectly encapsulates their sound: a marriage of propulsive Stratocaster riffs with a big catchy chorus. B-side “The Return of Prince Donathunn” is an even stronger nod to the wave-riding instrumental groups of the ‘60s, with the steady 4/4 beat and dueling guitar leads belying the bands outspoken apathy towards surfing.