DJ NEED A STACK (Bob Nastanovich of Pavement/Silver Jews)

Before Bob Nastanovich joined Pavement for their first live tour in 1990 or was a founding member of Silver Jews that same year, he deejayed.

Starting as a Central Virginia-based high schooler, he and his pal Norty Hord did the Heaven Up Here show at University of Richmond's WDCE. Nastanovich moved on to University of Virginia where he was a DJ and station manager at WTJU in Charlottesville during an era in which David Berman, Stephen Malkmus, Gate Pratt, James McNew (Yo La Tengo), artist Steve Keene, John Beers (Happy Flowers) and writer Tom Frank also spun vinyl there.
In recent years, Nastanovich has entertained with his record collection at bars and clubs in London, Manchester, Hull, York, New York City, Nashville and Mexico City. He does a monthly gig at The Red Monk in Des Moines, his current hometown.  

"The Monk thing keeps me on my toes. It keeps me listening and culling and buying vinyl," Nastanovich said. "I like to gauge the audience and guess what they want to hear. Most want it a bit mellow and not far above conversation level. So, there's always Breadwinner!"

In addition to trying to entertain with a vast blend of music from 1950-2015 (he has been on a bit of a Hawaiian kick and you're as likely to hear Walter Wanderley as Wire), Nastanovich gladly takes suggestions on strategies to reignite Pavement and Silver Jews action.

As a live DJ, Nastanovich often appears in coveralls and a mask (which explains the sloppy hair in the photo). But, if the music is likable, who cares.  Nastanovich also enjoys creating and hosting a pub quiz. He'll be happy to add this type of thing to your venue's evening.