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AXIS: sova

Axis: Sova began as Brett Sova’s outre guitar and drum machine solo jam, pairing raga riffs and searing leads with simple, repetitive beats provided by a TR-66 Rhythm Arranger. After a full-length LP and two 7”s (one on Richie//TestosterTunes) and some touring in this fashion, Sova expanded the Axis: configuration by bringing in pals to collaborate. Upon the 2015 release of Early Surf, the first Axis: Sova release on God? Records (a Drag City imprint run by Ty Segall), the band solidified into it’s current format of two guitars, bass, and that same trusty drum machine, causing the robotized, skeletal ripples of repetitive riffs to truly blossom into something fleshy and formidable. 

October 2016 saw the release of Motor Earth, the second Axis: Sova LP for God? and the first recorded in a proper studio, mostly live, with a full band. The album’s oscillation between Hawkwind-ian and ZZ Top-ish guitar mannerisms as fronted by Suicide has satisfied many a listener and critic alike, with high brow institutions such as NPR declaring the band “the prime movers of robo-boogie for the central United States” by “pushing an agenda of mind-searing, psychedelic leads against a background of mechanized filth.” 

In the past 3 years, Axis: Sova have performed at such venerable festivals as Noise Pop, Cropped Out (twice), Hopscotch, and MACRock. In addition to extensively touring the Midwest and East Coast on their own, they've toured with Purling Hiss and regularly as support for Ty Segall around the USA, most recently on the West Coast.