Forming in the bedroom in 2011 because they were sick of the watered down ‘everything sucks and music used to be better and nobody understands my space echo and I wish I lived in Frisco’ music that was happening in their hometown of Geelong, Victoria, Ausmuteants were created. 

Ausmuteants are fast synth driven punk, for fans of Devo and Ramones. Ausmuteants are the new thing. Ausmuteants are the real thing. Ausmuteants are punks for people who hate punks. No leather, No studs, No politics. Ausmuteants hate punks.

Ausmuteants sold out of the 33 copies of their first release ‘Split Personalities’ and decided to play shows. Since then have released three 7”s on Heinous Anus, Anti Fade and Goodbye Boozy an LP on Aarght Records / Goner Records and two more releases to be in stores in the coming months on Easter Bilby and Saturno records.

Get a whiff of that antipodean breeze.